Apart, Grant Gronewold and Oscar Slorach-Thorn have always courted critical acclaim. As Cougar Flashy and HTMLFlowers, Gronewold struck audiences with his incisive rapping and vibrant art, while Slorach-Thorn as Oscar Key Sung has been repeatedly hailed as a groundbreaking electronic producer and singer. Together, their history is doubly rich. High school rivals turned co-admirers, when Gronewold and Slorach-Thorn have come together in the past, the electricity has been palpable.

Previously as Brothers Hand Mirror, they became a lightning rod in the scene, pushing for inclusive spaces and compassionate experiences. Live dancers, their irrepressible energy, and this mentality of openness and liberation meant their shows were quickly renowned and highly anticipated. Scoring universally positive reviews for their EPs and talked-about festival slots, Gronewold and Slorach-Thorn proved to be natural collaborators.