Kris Baha

Kris Baha is the Melbourne club scene patriarch now behind the EBM mecca weekly club night / label, Power Station. Living between Berlin and the down under dance capital, he’s infiltrating the Northern Hemisphere at an alarming rate. 

Having played a hand in mastering/ mixing and remixing the likes of Zanzibar Chanel, Francis Inferno Orchestra, Ess O Ess, Sfire, Bell Towers and Red Axes, Baha has long been crafting his own consuming, narcotic sound in the studio shadows, priming for an onslaught of 2016 releases that follow his collaboration with Otologic’s Nick Murrary on the Soft Rocks imprint Kinfolk. 

We’ve already seen his bold entry to the Bahnsteig 23 edit series and a versatile solo EP on Power Station, featuring five tracks of Düsseldorf meets Elettronica Meccanica, Mad Professor car crashes and would be Cosmic classics born out of time. Still to come is a solo album on Discodromo and DJ Boris’ party offshoot Cocktail D’Amore, another teaming with Nick Murray on Canadian-Australian exchange program Multi Culti, and Die Orangen, a strangers-in-a-strange-land collaboration with Dreems on Malka Tuti. Not wasting a minute on party recovery, there’s also incoming remixes for Public Possession and Emotional Especial. 

Well accustomed to playing extended eclectic sets that swing between throbbing industrial dance, druggy mid-tempo chug and feverish synth pop, Kris Baha will send you round the bend.